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Raimondo Right to Use Investment Tools

October 27, 2013

Originally published in Providence Journal

By Andy Stern

As a retiree with a defined-benefit pension; a former public employee who defended public workers’ pension benefits for decades; and an advocate who, after leaving the Service Employees International Union, chose to spend several years trying to create a national effort to build a new all-American retirement system, I want to offer my perspective on some of the recent pension issues in Rhode Island.

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Build Bridges, Not Fortresses

Build Bridges, Not Fortresses

First published in Democracy

October 3, 2013

By Andy Stern and Bruce Raynor

When we both began as union activists in the early 1970s, if someone worked a union job, everyone understood that it was that person’s ticket to the middle class. A union job allowed workers to own a home, take responsibility for their families, see the kids off to college, and retire with dignity.

But today, American workers are living a far different reality. Growing income inequality coupled with decreasing median wages and benefits offer dim prospects for most families’ futures. Corporate power is ascendant, capital’s share of income continues to grow, and union power continues a decades-long decline.

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