Selected Media Features and Recognitions

Daily Beast: Charter Schools Didn’t Change the World—Now Let’s Move Beyond That Tired Debate

Fortune Top Power Player, Cover of Fortune, October

Andy Stern: The New Face of Labor March 2010.

Andy Stern: “Power Player of the Week”. Fox News Sunday (Fox), September 13, 2009.

Andy Stern: #10 on “100 Most Powerful People in Healthcare 2009”. Modern Healthcare, August 24, 2009.

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(2016, October placement) Stern, Andy with Goldstein, Matt Former Chancellor of CUNY. Why Professors Need to Learn to Teach (2016, October scheduled) Andy Stern and Eli Lehrer R Street. Medicaid Waiver As a Solution to Labor Law Modernization

(2016, October) Stern, Andy. MIT Technology Review on Response to David Freedman on UBI

(2016, September) The Future of Sharing, Stern, Andy.

(2016, June 22) Stern, Andy CNBC Commentary Why we should give every adult $1,000/month for free

(2016, March 14) Andy Stern Huffington Post Current Debate Shows Need for Pro-American Trade Policy

(2015, June 29) Stern, Andy Columbia Business School

(2015, April 24) Andy Stern. Huffington Post

(2013 December 3) Stern, Andy Medium Labor Needs New Business Model

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(2012, December 4). Honda, Michael and Stern, Andy. New Programs, Wage Laws Pave a Path Forward. USA Today.

(2012, November 15). Broad, Eli and Stern, Andy.   Teachers Deserve this ‘Thank You’. The Huffington Post.

(2012, September 4).  Stern, Andy. The Infrastructure and Retirement Imperatives.

(2012, July 11). Stern, Andy. Palin Is Right: House Death Panel Vote “Is Downright Evil” – People Would Die! Huffington Post.  

(2012, June 28). Andy Stern. A Great Day for America. The Daily Caller.

(2012, June 27). Andy Stern. Will the Supreme Court Eat My Healthcare Too? The Huffington Post.

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(2011, February 14). Andy Stern. A Valentine’s Day Message: From Russia With Love. The Huffington Post.

(2011, February 2). Andy Stern. The Third Economic Revolution — Boom or Bust for America?. The Huffington Post.

(2010, September 23). Andy Stern and Mark McKinnon. Moving Big Donors Out of Politics. Politico.

(2010, January 20). Andy Stern. A Path Forward: It’s Time to Pass Health Insurance Reform. Huffington Post.

(January 12, 2010). Andy Stern and the Rev. Dr. George Cummings. Healthcare Must be Within Our Reach. The Hill.

(2009, December 19). Andy Stern. Don’t Kill the Bill: Fix It. The New Republic.

(February 23, 2009). Andy Stern and Jeff Kindle CEO Pfizer. Why Healthcare Can’t Wait. Huffington Post.

(May 7, 2008). Andy Stern and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. Main Street, Not Wall Street, Should Fix Crumbling Infrastructure. Christian Science Monitor.


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(2010, December 2). Sargent, Greg. Andy Stern will vote No on deficit commission. The Washington Post.

(2010, December 1). Grim, Ryan. Andy Stern: I’m Not Beholden to Labor on the Deficit panel. The Huffington Post.

(2010, September 24). Tisch, James. Andy Stern Sees the Light on Overseas Profits. The Wall Street Journal.

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